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2013-10 LVH MagazineA Look Ahead for Home Loan Rates 
Key Stories to Watch Heading to 2014
The last quarter of 2013 is officially here, and it could prove to be another volatile one. As we head toward the new year, there are several key stories to monitor, as they could have a big impact on home loan rates.  Continue reading at  Scottsdale Real Estate …


Managing DistractionsManaging Distractions From Others
By Jason Womack, MEd, MA
When it comes to super-sizing your productivity, there’s a distinct difference between “multi-tasking” and holding a focus-to-finish mindset. While multi-tasking has become a modern-day work activity, doing too much will only set you back from accomplishing a single task very well.  Continue reading at  Scottsdale Real Estate …


2013-10 LVH MagazineSeven Ways to Cut the Cost of Cable TV
You can spend less without cutting the cord entirely.
By Cameron Huddleston,

Haven’t cut the cable cord yet in favor of free or low-cost Internet TV options? You’re not alone. The majority of Americans still watch TV through traditional paid cable services, according to media market research company Nielsen.  Continue reading at  Scottsdale Real Estate …


Government ShutdownWhat Does the Government Shutdown Mean for the Housing Market?
As the federal government ground to a halt Tuesday, the question of how the shutdown will affect the housing market remains at –  Continue reading at  Scottsdale Real Estate …


Treats for Watching FootballDelicious Dips for Watching Football
The beloved sport has returned to the airwaves.
Try these seriously tasty dips. Beats nail-biting!

Gather around the TV because there’s a serious NFL season afoot. And no matter which team you root for, you’re sure to want some tasty nibbles while you watch the field goals, touchdowns and your favorite football stars zoom towards the end zone.  Continue reading at  Scottsdale Real Estate …

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