6 Tips To Update Your Living Room

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Your living room looks good and incredibly hip—if you were living in the mid-90s. Whatever date it harks back to, it is desperately in need of some updating. While you may think this is going to be a huge ordeal that will break the bank, there are a number of ways to modernize your living room easily and without spending a grip of money that you can’t necessarily afford to spend. This way, your home can evolve with the times, helping you to be happier when you are in it. From custom window blinds to dressing up with some new drapes, check out these six tips below.

6 Tips To Update Your Living Room | Scottsdale Real Estate

6 Tips To Update Your Living Room


The rug that you have had in your living room over the last decade plus needs to be changed out. This doesn’t mean you need to throw it away, but it’s probably riddled with dust, among other interesting things, and it needs to be removed and heavily cleaned. This will help alleviate some of the subtle mustiness in the living room. You may want to try the living room without a rug at first, to see if it frees the room up. Or just get a new rug that still matches the furniture, but allows the feeling in the room to go in a completely different direction.


A touch of animal print goes a long way in a living room, adding a subtle exotic flare to the décor in the room. Consider getting a few animal print pillows or having a cushion of that single chair few people sit in reupholstered in animal print. Don’t go overboard, as that will look tacky. Just a few touches of animal print here and there will do the trick.


Those old drapes over the windows in your living room are definitely due for a change. Drapes change almost as regularly as fashion it seems, so the minute you update these drapes, the better the entire living room will feel. To dress up the blinds and windows do a little research online for companies who focus on windows. Scope out draperies and good deals on this front, making sure you are getting what you need to fit your budget and style.


Get your feng shui on and start by moving your couch and other seats off the wall to the middle of the room, so that the living room seems bigger and more airy then before. Get a flat screen television and hang it on the wall, allowing you to get rid of or move whatever piece of furniture it was sitting upon. This all may entail drawing the furniture closer together or even getting rid of some pieces of furniture, which you may quietly dread. However, the new layout will make the living room feel new almost immediately.


Move everything out of the room and repaint the walls. This will be a bigger job then you may have originally planned, however it will be like cleaning a nice car that has been in desperate need of a wash. That fresh paint and new color will make you feel like you have a clean slate and then you can rearrange the furniture when you move it back into the newly painted room.


Find different textures you like and mix and match them throughout your living room. Switch out identical pillows with pillows that are made out of different materials and are different colors. Try a tweed rug, wooden side tables and a metal coffee table. While this may be risky, as it may feel like there are too many different materials going on, once you get it right, you won’t tire of your refreshed living room for a while.


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