Election Integrity Bill – B2054

Arizona moves to improve election integrity laws – Election integrity bills are continuing to move through the Arizona Legislature! On Friday, HB2054 became the first reform that was signed into law. Through the activism of Sentinels like Ron Ludders, this bill was signed by Governor Ducey which now improves the accuracy of our voter rolls by mandating the Secretary of State compare death records with voter registrations and remove deceased voters. This is great news and we are gaining momentum.


This is an important week in the Arizona Legislature for election integrity, because bills that are not heard in committee by the end of this week are unlikely to survive. Here are few strong bills that still need to be passed out of committee so they can receive a floor vote:

SB1713—Requires a form of voter ID to make early voting more transparent and secure. Voters must include their date of birth and certain permissible forms of identification with the affidavit in the return envelope. 

HB2792 —Specifies that county recorders and other election officials may not mail or deliver an early ballot to someone who does not request it.

HB2793 —States that election officials may not register someone to vote who does not affirmatively register.

HB2811—Prohibits same-day voter registration on the day of election. This ensures there is time to verify voter identification before a ballot is cast.

During the 2019 legislative session, the Arizona Legislature appropriated funds to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office for purposes of establishing an Elections Integrity Unit (EIU). Currently there are four members on EIU:

  • Senior Criminal Prosecutor
  • Senior Civil Attorney
  • Special Agent
  • Administrative Employee

The actual force behind the EIU is the Arizona tax paying citizens that vote and work with their elected officials to help make improvements.

Arizona continues to make improvements for its citizens. Another great aspect in making Arizona your home.

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