Essential Guide for a Long Road Trip

Essential Guide for a Long Road Trip

It’s almost summer and the weather in the Valley is getting hotter. Families might be planning on escaping the city and visit some cooler place. Since there will be no school for the kids, this summer is a good time to visit an old relative from a different city or state. And to make it more enjoyable, a road trip is a thing one can consider.

Long road trips aren’t joy rides, but they can become rewarding, if not a life changing experiences. So if you’re going to take that trip, here is the essential guide for a long road trip.

The Plan

  • Research and plot your trip and stops thoroughly, but not to that last excruciating detail.
  • Be flexible with your plans. If the weather turns ugly a route change might be in order, although a five day forecast tends to be reliable. Plan for the worst and hope for the best.
  • Find some good company. Travel only with those you trust, have confidence in and are comfortable with. Thresholds for long travel vary from person to person.
  • Patience can dry faster than the fuel.
  • Keep emergency numbers handy.

The Vehicle

  • Have your vehicle thoroughly checked. Go over the usual maintenance steps such as oil change, filter replacement and wheel alignment and rotation.
  • Inflate those tires including the spares. Check the car tools.
  • Keep the tank full.


  • Don’t over pack or overload. Bring only the essentials and enough food and water. If you’re traveling the highway, there are plenty of stops where you can get supplies and eat along the way.
  • Don’t forget to pack chargers for the gadgets. Also, a Swiss knife could come in handy.

Traveling with Kids

  • If traveling with children, prepare a bagful of sick bags. Long and winding drives take their toll on children, making them nauseous or road sick.
  • Kids can manage long trips as long as adults can attend to their needs. When they get tired, they’ll easily fall asleep during long drives.
  • Keep children pre-occupied. Those tablet games and DVD movies will definitely do the trick.

On the Road

  • Keep calm and drive
  • Psyche yourself before each trip.
  • Keep pace with the lead driver.
  • Take shortcuts only when you’re 100% sure of the route.
  • Take as many overnight stops as possible to rejuvenate especially after eight-hour plus drive

Even if you are tired, be prepared to push yourself to the limit, such as when you’re driving on the highway in the middle of nowhere. On the other hand, if you feel tired or sleepy, let someone else take the wheel. Lastly, enjoy the drive. Stop for the landmarks and tourist spots. Once the long trip is done, every mile will be worth it. Following the guide, everyone will surely survive and enjoy the long road trip ride.

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