The specialty of buyer’s representation not only requires knowledge of real estate markets and transactions, but insight into consumer behavior. The goal of a buyer’s representative is to find the perfect point of connection between the homes available in the market and the needs and financial capacity of the buyers.


The Buyer’s Agent can save Buyer-clients time and money by:

1. Locating suitable properties.
2. Previewing properties.
3. Verifying the properties’ condition.
4. Suggesting necessary inspections by experts.
5. Helping buyers determine what they can afford.
6. Verifying property taxes and utilities.
7. Verifying the value of the property.
8. Advising clients on structuring an offer.
9. Presenting the offer to the sellers’ representative.
10. Negotiating favorable contract terms for the buyer.
11. Explaining legal documents needed for closing and helping secure them.
12. Assisting in securing financing.
13. Assisting buyers and their attorney in clarifying title, zoning, building codes, and access easements.
14. Referring them to qualified vendors.
15. Analyzing the future salability of the property.

Top 6 Skills for a Buyer’s Representative

1. Perseverance. Be ready to stick with your buyer through the rough spots.

2. Negotiating. Excellent negotiating skills not only to develop a purchase offer.

3. Listening Skills. Buyers get frustrated if they think their agent isn’t tuning in to what they need and want.

4. Advocacy. This is the skill that separates buyer’s agents from seller’s agents. As a buyer’s agent they are doing all they can to find the right property for your clients. Commission can’t be a part of your equation.

5. Consulting. Front-end counseling is essential to help clients understand the market conditions, the transaction process, and how to work with a buyer’s agent.

6. Solid Business Experience.  Looking for the best of the best?  Choose a REALTOR® that has worked in another industry other than real estate because it broadens the skill sets of a REALTOR® that truely works in the realm of excellence.  Look for an agent that has worked with at least a hundred buyers, has been in the real estate business for at least 3 years and has a university degree in a related discipline.

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