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Maximize profit – When you’re ready to sell your home you need to know that there is a difference between a Realtor® that will list your home and one that actively Market your home. That difference can dictate how much you will get for your home, how long it may take to sell your home, and if you receive fair market value. Here are ten questions to ask before you hire a REALTOR®.

First we believe that our client’s need good information to make an informed decision. We always prepare a comprehensive Comparable Market Analysis for all our clients, using the same skills and techniques as an appraiser. Once we have determined the Fair Market Value for your home and we have reach consensus we enter the Marketing Phase.

One of the questions we get is when a remodel is performed what is the value that they can expect from that renovation. This is a common situation and we include this in our comprehensive market analysis.  If you want to an idea as to what your remodel cost to value is we have provided a model to help educate you on this important aspect of determining the market value for your home.

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What follows is a short summary of how we market and advertise to find a Buyer for your home:

All agents advertise on the Arizona Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS) if they are a member because it’s included with their dues. These same listings are downloaded to for the consumer. It’s not the easiest to use, however it is a widely used site and is viewed by a large group of home buyers. Our experience in marketing tells us that this is just a starting point for e-Marketing to maximize profit.

Click Here for a short video on how we will market your luxury real estate. All our files are virus & spam free. Click run if you see the security field. Click the Esc button when the video completes to return to this page.

That’s why we Take it Further and market your property on over 80 other online real estate sites, e.g. WallStreetJournalLuxuryHomes.comAOLYahoo,,
CompuserveExcite,, and the Microsoft Network’s real estate site, to name just a few that we subscribe too. For a more complete list of our online real estate web sites. Click on Our Global Web Marketing Distribution page.

We have worked hard on our own web sites to give your home maximum global exposure. As an example of our exposure on the internet you can see at a glance that we are best in class in this marketing segment. Don’t take our word for it. Let us Google It For You so you can see that we are on thousands of pages on the internet. What this means for our clients is they have the 900 lbs gorilla team marketing their home.

In addition we market your home on the Online Classified Newspaper sites across the United States. An example would be our local publication on We market your home on our own personal sites, and contract to 10 sites in Europe that market your home in 10 different country’s in their own language.

Our e-Marketing program is important when we maximize profit from your home. Our marketing is extensive and includes much more than you see here. In addition, we market in local & national paper media, i.e., Arizona Republic, Sonoran News, Desert Advocate, Harmon Homes, Homes and Land, Luxury Home Magazine and others.

When you’re ready to Market your home just give us a call at 480-595-6412 or email us at and we’ll get your home sold for you.

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