Moving companies have a host of terms for the details of handling household goods.

Money-Saving Glossary To Key Moving Terms

Money-Saving Glossary To Key Moving Terms

Accessorial service. Packing, unpacking and services other than transportation.

  • Advanced charges. Fees paid for services performed by others. They’re added to the moving bill.
  • Bill of lading. The document for shipping goods.
  • Claim. The written statement requesting reimbursement for a lost or damaged item.
  • Contract number. Identifying number of a shipment. It’s found on the order for service and the bill of lading.
  • Consignee. The person at the destination receiving goods shipped by someone else.
  • Delivery spread. The period when a mover will deliver household goods.
  • Destination agent. The agent who will provide services at the destination.
  • Flight charge. An accessorial charge — for moving goods up flights of stairs.
  • Freight bill. The amount indicating the actual cost of the move.
  • Gross weight. Total weight of the van and the shipment.
  • Linehaul. The transportation portion of the move.
  • Order for service.The document the customer signs authorizing the movement of goods.
  • Origin agent. The agent responsible for the packing and loading of goods.
  • Pickup spread. The period during which the mover will pick up the goods.
  • Storage-in-transit (SIT). Temporary storage of household goods for not more than 90 days.
  • Tare weight. Weight of the van before loading.
  • Tariff. Price schedule on file with the Interstate Commerce Commission.
  • Valuation. The value the customer places on the goods when releasing them to the carrier.

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