Secret Tests To Check A Property's Condition

Secret Tests To Check A Property’s Condition

Zeroing in on a new home can be fun and exciting. But it can also be tiring and confusing. So before you start looking at houses, write down what you want in your new home. Start with the size of the house, number of rooms, most convenient layout, and desirable features. Prioritize the list, noting beside each item whether it is “nice to have” or “a must.”

  • Plan for the foreseeable future

As you make the list, consider how long you will likely be in the house and how your family and lifestyle may change over time.

  • Keep your goals in mind

Bring the completed list with you when we plan the first house-shopping tour.

  • Be a comparison shopper

As you preview each house, jot down how it compares with your list. Fill in the blanks as you see fit–yes/no, good/fair/poor, etc. Keep your notes on each house to compare homes until you find the right house. Also note the features you would like to change in each house.

Housing Needs Checklist

Square footage __________________

Number of bedrooms __________________

Number of baths __________________

Closets/storage __________________

Basement __________________

Interior condition __________________

Yard space __________________

Fence _________________

Patio or deck __________________

Garage __________________

Energy efficiency __________________

Exterior condition _________________


Parking __________________

Overall appearance __________________

Traffic and noise __________________

Snow/trash removal __________________

Fire and police __________________

Schools: Bus or walk __________________

Distance to school __________________

School district __________________

Quality measured by SAT scores or other criteria__________________

Amenities __________________

Distance to job __________________

Childcare __________________

Public transportation __________________

Major highways __________________

Stores/supermarkets __________________

Medical facilities __________________

Recreation _________________

Community services __________________

Restaurants __________________

Churches/synagogues __________________

Airports/trains __________________   Return to Scottsdale Real Estate home page.

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