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Our VIP Seller Service provides you with timely, online, direct feedback from prospective buyers — Your home will sellHome Feedback System Survey ResultsFASTER and for MORE money!

Let me share an ugly truth about selling real estate.

Our industry is just like all others be they medical, legal, finance, or just pick one. They are made up of people that work in the realm of excellence, and those that work in the realm of the good, bad, and the ugly. When we were in the corporate world and transferred to a new location it always frustrated us when we called an agent to make an offer, or get more information, and they simply did not answer the phone. The time it took for them to return our call was sometimes measured from minutes to hours, or if you can beleive it, days.  This was also true when we wanted feedback when we were selling our house because of another relocation. Personally we had thirteen domestic relocations and three international relocations so we had some experience with this.

Because of our personal experience, providing our clients with feedback is important to us. You have a right to know what is happening and how the marketing of your home is progressing.  If your paying for a service, be it medical or getting your car serviced you what to know what your getting for your money. Real estate marketing & consulting services should be no different.

Our client Home Feedback System is just one way that we will provide you a better home selling experience ending with the results you expect.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Each time your property is shown to a prospective buyer, we ask the buyer’s agent for the details of the showing.
  2. Our system then automatically follows up with each showing agent up to three times to solicit his/her buyer’s comments on your home Once received, these comments are automatically entered into the system.
  3. As our client, you will receive private online access to the Home Feedback System:
    • View all feedback responses to-date
    • View statistics summarizing all feedback to-date
    • View the status of pending feedback
    • View comments posted on activity that we have done to help sell your home
    • Our system will automatically E-mail you directly so you’ll see the same feedback we see at the same time. We do not doctor comments, you see it as it was written.

What does this mean to you?

  • You’ll get immediate direct feedback from prospective buyers of your home allowing us to correct any misconceptions about your home or improve on problems with the way your home shows before they impact negatively on the sale of your home.
  • Our system logs all the agents of prospective buyers that have seen your property. We use this to instantly email every agent that has shown your home to let them know when we are about to receive an offer. This has lead to multiple offers if another buyer is on the fence.
  • We can also use the system to let other agents know about any changes in your listing. After all, what good is a marketing change if nobody knows about it?
  • Feedback is always available to you (24 hours a day). You’ll never feel like you are “out of the loop”.
  • It’s another tool we use to provide excellent service for our clients.

For more information on becoming a VIP Seller or our other cutting edge services, please call us at 480-595-6412 or email us at

For a better look at an actual feedback survey and what it provides in the way of information click on Home Feedback System.


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