VA Home Loans – An Option To Avoid Loan Fees

VA Loan with No Fees - Re-Finance Now

Is Your Interest Rate Above 4%?

VA Loan with No Fees – Re-Finance Now. Qualified active duty military and veterans from the armed forces and national guard have always had access to one of the best loan programs available when purchasing or refinancing a home, the Veterans Administration Home Loan, more commonly referred to as a VA loan.

“The VA streamline refinance enables the Veteran to take advantage of current low interest rate Without Fees”

These loans have often been popular for the purchase of new homes, as they provide options for low fixed rate loans without no minimum down payment, no mortgage insurance and more flexible credit standards. Across the board, the VA loan is often the loan of choice if you can qualify for it.

However, in today’s marketplace there is another especially useful component of the VA home loan and that is the VA streamline refinance. The options will often vary from lender to lender, but in many cases you may be able to refinance from your existing VA home loan to take advantage of the very low interest rates in today’s market, without a new appraisal of your home and with no fees. 

In a housing market that has seen a steep decline in interest rates, this can be an incredibly useful option for someone who has been paying on time on their loan, but perhaps owes close to or may owe more than their home is worth. Or just someone who does not want to deal with the cost or hassle of having an appraisal done on their property

The VA streamline refinance gives these qualified borrowers, an option to refinance at a lower rate into a government backed fixed rate program with no cost to them.

If you have a VA loan with an interest rate of 4% or higher, it is certainly an option to consider before interest rates move off of their current levels. With the simplicity and ability to refinance without adding a big new balance to your mortgage, it is loan that makes sense for many Veterans in the current market.

As a Veteran myself, I’ve been down this path and can help you with the process. It’s not a painful administrative process for the Veteran – I can say this from personal experience. Want help? Call or email us – we’re there for you.

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Article: VA Loan with No Fees – Re-Finance Now

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