How to Price Real Estate

Best Practices For Selling Your House This Year

Knowing and understanding how to price real estate is one tactic that could help you get your home sold for more. Working with an experienced realtor that knows the local market inside-out can help you sell your house faster, and often, for more money.

Experienced REALTORS  

Experienced REALTORS® know your local market, and their knowledge can help you sell your home more quickly, and for more money. This is just one of many ways that your realtor can help you sell your home fast for more money. Set a better price, and you will be better placed to sell your home fast, and for more money.  

The more people who are willing to put out buying offers on your home, the higher your sale price will go. The point of price-to-sell is just that…it is choosing the listing price that is going to get the maximum amount of buyers looking at your house. In a seller’s market, where inventory is low and buyers have fewer options, you may generally price your house higher. 

Buyer’s Market

In a buyer’s market, when inventory is high and buyers have more options, you will want to price your home more competitively. When inventory is high, sellers can expect to see their homes sit on the market for a long time before receiving offers, and you may need to sell below the listing price or give more concessions to buyers. Sellers want to get the best price possible for their home, but going too high in the listing price could cause your home to languish on the market.

How to Price Your Home

How you price your home could mean the difference between getting an offer and weeks, and even months, on the market. A seller’s market is an ideal time to sell your home because you can expect to sell it faster, are likely to get more offers, and sell at or above your listing price. Even in a seller’s market, with a tight supply of inventory and frequent bidding wars, it is still worth investing time and energy into positioning your home for sale at a maximum sale price. 

If you are looking to sell, it is important that you time your listing correctly, and that you know how to show your home in its best possible light. If you are looking to sell quickly and for a high price, you will need to ensure that you minimize any questions that a prospective buyer has before they put in a bid for your home. That is why it is so important to make sure that you concentrate on the first impression of your home, to appeal to as many buyers as possible. 

Potential Buyer

If you are going to entice a potential buyer, you are going to need to grab their attention fast to convince them your house is the one for them. One that gets buyers’ attention will be able to make your home feel like their new home and improve their emotional state. Buyers want to picture themselves in a house so staging is important in the selling process.    

 Representation for a Buyer or Seller

If you’re not represented by a REALTOR® you must be available to show the house and negotiate with a buyer’s agent for the sale, which for some can be time-consuming, stressful, and emotionally draining. When you decide on the real estate agent that you would like to sell your house to, you will be signing a real estate contract with them. The real estate agent (or listing REALTOR®) markets your house, prepares paperwork, and connects with a buyers agent who helps a buyer with finding a house and the closing process.    

The Sales Process

A good listing REALTOR® guides you through each step of the sales process, from making upgrades, listing, marketing, showing the house, and comparing offers. A great agent will work with you to ensure that your needs are met, providing useful tips for getting prospective buyers through the door and getting the house sold quicker.  

Whether your goal is to sell your house fast, or to maximize the return on your investment, a knowledgeable and skilled REALTOR® has the resources needed to meet your goals. Top agents can help you receive more cash from a home sale – thereby nullifying any perceived savings from selling yourself. HomeLight data shows top REALTORS® sell homes faster and for more money than the average agent.

Equity from Your Current Home

If you are counting on selling to afford your new home, you will know exactly how much cash to work with, rather than simply guessing what your home could sell for. Overprice it, and your home will languish on the market, and eventually, you will sell for less than you would like. To convince you to sign, they will tell you that they can sell your house at inflated prices.    

Cause and Affect of the Marketplace

Of course, whether or not you ultimately get more or less than the asking price is probably going to be determined by not only your pricing strategy, but also whether or not you are in a buyer’s market versus a seller’s market, and how well you have staged and updated the house. Overall, to get the most bang for your buck, your home improvements and your efforts in home sales need to be designed to attract as broad a spectrum of buyers as possible.   

Personal Strategies

Keep your home’s sales spirits high throughout showings, and keep buyers guessing about the item that may be negotiable. This will make buyers feel more confident, and it helps to set your home apart from others that may be considered. An agent can also help tone down the emotions in the process by engaging with prospective buyers and eliminating tire-kicking buyers that just want to see your home but do not intend on making an offer. 

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