7 09, 2021

No Man Left Behind Except Homeless Veterans

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No Man Left Behind Doesn't Apply While our homeless veterans are left behind, we are importing thousands of Afghans into the U.S. and turning our military bases into immigration camps. The Biden administration advised the military to prepare for 50,000 new immigrants. Photo Credit - Samuel Braslow The Impact The cost of [...]

5 09, 2021

Have you been Hacked – The Bad Guys are at it Big Time

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Have you been hacked? Cyber security has turned into a big business today, and rightly so because there are sophisticated people trying to hack your computers and electronic devices for your hard-earned money. According to the FBI, in 2020, there were 792,000 cybercrime complaints in the U.S. alone—a 69% increase over 2019. Losses from [...]

15 05, 2020

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing in AZ

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Arizona Lands $12 Billion Dollar Chip Factory Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing - The world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer,  Company chose ARIZONA to build its new $12 BILLION advanced manufacturing factory. This is a project with global significance. With our unbeatable business climate, already thriving tech sector, and ready access to an international supply chain, AZ has [...]

27 01, 2020

Service Dogs Travelling by Air – Are they Really Service Dogs?

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Service Dogs Rules May Change Soon Service Dogs -  The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT or Department) has heard from the transportation industry, as well as individuals with disabilities, that the current ACAA regulation could be improved to ensure nondiscriminatory access for individuals with disabilities, while simultaneously preventing instances of fraud and ensuring consistency [...]

29 10, 2018

Pentagon Sending Barricades, Helicopters With Troops to Southern Border

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Pentagon Sending Barricades - Here in Arizona and other border states the news reports that demonstrations are taking place advocating for those walking to the southern border unobstructed passage. Liberal politicians agree and some are proponents of no wall. Those that fail to have a medical examination prior to being released, or illegally enter the [...]

8 10, 2018

Scottsdale Restaurants | Rated 4 Star or Higher

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Scottsdale Restaurants - Each of these restaurants listed below was rated by over one-hundred reviews and Butterfield had over 1,000 reviews. You’ll have to make up your own mind at how good these eateries are but at a minimum, you have some support in finding a good place to eat. Scottsdale has lots of [...]

20 09, 2018

Rising Home Prices Help Build Family Wealth

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Rising home prices - As home prices continue to appreciate, many potential buyers and sellers aren't sure what it really means for them. It's important to understand, however, that rising prices also means rising equity. If you're wondering what home price appreciation means for you, let's get together to discuss building your wealth today! [...]

10 03, 2018

Barrett-Jackson 2018 | New Purchase Records Set | Charitable Milestones

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Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2018: New Records and Charitable Milestones  David Haraldsen   January 30, 2018  Barrett-Jackson’s 47th annual collector car auction made its way through sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, this past month, setting impressive new milestones along the way. As the crowds gathered en masse at the world’s largest free-standing tent, thousands of stunning collector cars ascended the auction block [...]

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