1 06, 2017

Fix These 10 Things: They Are Hurting Your Home’s Value | Scottsdale AZ

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Fix these 10 things - There are a lot of things you can't control in the home-selling process. You can't force people to come see your home or make an offer on it. But you can make sure to take care of some easy repairs that would otherwise turn off prospective buyers. Look around and [...]

22 04, 2017

Ignore Warning Signs at Your Own Risk – 3 Big Ones to Keep an Eye On

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Ignore Warning Signs: Serious problems can pop up around your home without much warning — some of which can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Fortunately, you can prevent the majority of these household calamities by recognizing their warning signs. Here are three signs of impending disaster that you can’t afford to miss: Ignore Warning [...]

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