Fall in Love with the Season –  Fall Cleaning Tips

Fall in Love with the Season –  Fall Cleaning Tips

Fall is a favorite season for many of us. Who can resist the beauty of the orange glow of pumpkins, the falling leaves and the much anticipated cool weather?

Fall means the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays and delightful nights in front of the fireplace with your family.

The change of a season is a wonderful opportunity to launch a major house cleaning. It is a great time to brush away the remnants of summer and prepare the home for that cozy and homey feel.

Here are the few fall season cleaning ideas to follow now that the new season is upon us.

  • Wash the windows – Wash and brighten the window so light can get in as much as possible giving your home a magical look. Leaves are falling everywhere so make sure that the windows are clean to watch the show.
  • Freshen the carpet – This is the best time to clean your carpets as you will be staying indoors most of the time snuggling in front of the fireplace. Get your carpets professionally cleaned or a good sweep from a vacuum will do.
  • Change or clean the window treatments – It’s time to either clean or take down your curtains as they may have been pulled back during summer and may be looking a bit dingy and dusty. If you decide to replace curtains; match the tones and colors for a more elegant look appropriate for fall.
  • Clean Chimneys – A chimney sweep will ensure that the chimney is free from any soot and residue that are built up on the chimney walls.
  • Dust ceilings and walls – it’s a good time to banish summer dust build-up. Clean from top to bottom. There are the obvious places for dust, like TV screens and lampshades. Dust also accumulates at the tops of bookshelves, wall hangings, air vents and ceiling fans.
  • Clean patio and clean furniture inside – If you live in a cold climate, store your outdoor furniture in the garage or shed to prevent winter weather damage.
  • Clean the kitchen – Prepare the kitchen for holiday cooking. Clean and organize cabinets that hold baking supplies and pans. Replace and restock your pantry as there will be plenty of cooking and baking ahead.
  • Check gutters and downspouts – Clear of debris if necessary. In cold-weather areas, consider installing heating cable to prevent ice dams. This is never fun but this is the best time of the year to clean out gutters.
  • Organize and bring out the season’s decorations – Whether it is Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations, it is better to organize and unclutter the storage and start decorating your home for a cozy feel.

What feels better than freshening up the house after the hot summer and give it a more refreshing start. As summer is almost over, everyone is looking forward to crisp mornings, cool weather and the leaves turning into beautiful autumn colors!


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