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Housing Plus Financial Markets is a snapshot in time on what happened this week in the housing and financial markets for the week ending April 16, 2016.

Housing Plus Financial Markets

Housing Plus Financial Markets










  • Consumer prices rose less than expected in March and underlying inflation slowed, suggesting the Fed will remain cautious about raising policy rates.
  • The labor market, however, continues to show signs of strength. Jobless claims remained below 300,000 for the 58th week, the longest stretch since 1973.
  • Oil prices have risen as traders look to Sunday’s meeting of oil producing countries. If oil prices continue to increase, it could pressure rates higher.





  • The spring market is heating up as purchase mortgage applications saw a sudden pick up last week. Apps to purchase new construction jumped by 17% in March.
  • The “tiny house movement” is continuing to gain steam. Usually around 200 sq ft, these homes are becoming more popular among those looking to shed costs.
  • s home values once again rise, it creates new opportunities. An interesting concept, down payment insurance, is now being offered by private companies.

Housing Plus Financial Markets




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