Most Luxurious Homes among the Luxury Homes

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Most Luxurious Homes among the Luxury Homes

Most Luxurious Homes Amoung the Luxury Homes


Scottsdale Estate For Sale

Forbes hailed this 27,125 square foot home as the most expensive home in Arizona, which sold for a whopping $35 million. The property has five bedrooms, two one-bedroom apartments and seven bathrooms. It comes with a 24k gold sink, Italian limestone, indoor tennis court, an indoor swimming pool, and the usual patios, skylights, wet bar, four fireplaces, and the list just goes on. This beautiful home also has an air-filtering system that cleans the outside air that comes in. The house was built for those who are prone to allergies. Located in Northern Scottsdale, the property lies within some of the most exclusive real estate in Arizona and offers spectacular views of Pinnacle Peak. This estate may come with a hefty price but it has plenty of space to go around with the rich luxurious features.

A dream for all but a reality only for some. A large-scale million dollar estate, obviously, doesn’t come cheap and it usually is not within the average American’s budget. Of course, there are a few who are greatly endowed that it would seem that their dream home is only a rub away from the magical lamp.

Scottsdale Estates is known for its beautiful luxury homes. With Carefree Estates, beauty and affordability come in single packages. There are prices are for anyone and everyone’s budget – tight or loose.

They say, luxury comes with a price, but with the Luxury Valley Homes Team, you’ll be sure to find a great variety of homes that fit your lifestyle.

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