Make Your Scottsdale Vacation Memories Picture Perfect

Make Your Scottsdale Vacation Memories Picture Perfect

A vacation is never complete without taking a camera with you to capture precious moments and stunning landscapes. You are willing to spend a thousand dollars and months of planning for that perfect vacation so it just makes sense to carry professional camera to capture those moments.

In today’s world, every traveler is a photographer. With the advancement of the camera on most cell phones, we can typically take photos anytime, anywhere. However, is camera phone enough? The answer is NO.

A point and shoot camera is typically the perfect fit for taking on vacations because it is lightweight and compact. Moreover, they are easy and convenient to carry around and can easily be used by the whole family.

To make sure that you capture Scottsdale’s picturesque mountain views, stunning places to visit and exciting memories to create, here are a few tips on how to capture the best Scottsdale has to offer.

  • Go for the golden hours which are the first and the last hour of sunlight during the day. This type of light produces less contrast and reduces the chances of losing parts of your subject in strong shadows. When the sun is low in the sky, it magnifies the desert colors and casts dramatic shadows and a warm glow on the landscape. When the golden hour starts, it starts suddenly, so it’s essential that you’re prepared.
  • Check your location and background.  You can certainly find a gem of a location in the roughest looking building, if you look for it. Before shooting, examine the background carefully in the viewfinder. A cluttered background will detract from your subject. If you are shooting people, be sure to check for trees, poles and other objects “sprouting” from your subject’s head. When you are looking for locations, like the example above, keep your eyes peeled for beautiful details.
  • Be on your subject’s level. If you’re photographing children, animals, low-growing cactus or other small subjects, getting down on their level captures a more personal and powerful image.
  • Shoot in the shade. Direct sunlight is harsh and makes your subject squint. When shooting in the shade, there are no more harsh shadows, only smooth milky shadows created by your subject’s natural features. With proper exposure and white balance, you can make these shots look amazing.

Have a lot of fun. With the advent of the point and shoot handy camera, it’s easier to experiment with lighting conditions, different angles and subjects, so don’t be afraid to have fun with your photography. If a shot doesn’t come out the way you hoped it would, just delete it and make room for the next one!

Scottsdale is filled with awesome scenery and with a camera, you can easily translate the beauty into an awesome photo and make your Scottsdale vacation memories picture perfect! 

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