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Make the Move Easier

Make the Move Easier

There are no easy ways to put it…moving is a stressful hassle. There are always problems and obstacles no matter how minor they are. One way to minimize the stress and problems is to plan your move and create a list. A well organized and planned move will ensure your possessions arrive safely at your new residence. Although each move is different, the basics of a move are the same for nearly everyone. First, don’t wait until the day before to begin packing or even planning. 

This is why we are creating this list…do it beforehand! Make a list of everything you need to pack, which room it will go into and how you can fit it on the truck. Secondly, find a good, reputable moving company. Get at least 3 quotes from movers in order to better understand the costs associated with the move. Thirdly, be sure to register for your change of address in order to receive mail at the correct residence.

Don’t forget to notify your banks, power companies and utility service providers to let them know you are changing addresses as well. Have the utilities turned off in your old home and turned on in your new home prior to arriving with the moving truck. Be sure to ask your movers about moving insurance as well. Most moving companies offer insurance but it may only cover a portion of your belongings. Ask about their coverage, policies and upgrades in order to ensure all of your items are covered.

Lastly, consider using a self storage unit prior to and after the move. You may need extra space in your residence if you are downsizing or not quite set in your home yet. lists thousands of storage facilities around the country should you need a storage unit quickly. Research, analyze and rent online in a few simple steps!



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