How to Get an Organized Pantry | Scottsdale Real Estate

How to Get an Organized Pantry | Scottsdale Real Estate

Here is a seven step plan for organizing your kitchen pantry and making it easier to find your kitchen and other household items:

1.   Install a spice shelf. Spices can get lost in the mix. Because they’re stacked one behind the other, they waste space, and it’s hard to see what you have. To remedy this problem, install door-mounted spice shelves inside the cabinet where you keep cookbooks. The trick will be finding a rack that doesn’t require heavy mounting hardware that might poke through to the outside of the cabinet – you will likely need to find one made of wire.

2.   Keep go-to items at eye level.  Organizing you pantry based on how often household members use individual items.  Reserve eye-level shelves for cereal, pasta and other staples while keeping baking supplies and treats higher up. 3.   Optimize containers. Use containers only for items that need to stay fresh and come in messy bags, like baking supplies.  Pay attention to the shapes of the containers. Rectangular containers nestle together more neatly, conserving precious shelf space.

4.   Invest in pretty labels. For labeling items that are not in their original container.

5.   Use baskets for anything round.  Baskets keep food organized and still allow air to circulate, preventing the food from getting prematurely moldy. Kitchen labels for these items can be made so you know when the item is ready to be tossed.

6.   Keep awkwardly shaped items down low. By moving the packages of snacks and such to a lower shelf, you will be able to see how they’re shifting and prevent potato chip rainstorms and other messes.

7. Be mindful. Note what you have been purchasing too much of and avoid those things in the future.  When coming home from the grocery store, think about not just where you put things away but how they’re put away, taking care to face containers with the labels out and align similar items.

These are tasks that are important to do if you are considering selling you home and plan on getting  it done before your home goes on the market.

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How to Get An Organized Pantry | Scottsdale Real Estate