Creative Ideas for Eye Catching Walls | Scottsdale Real Estate

Looking to freshen up your walls? Why not try something new, like swapping out plain artwork mats for colorful ones or hanging floor tiles or a giant knot as art?

Creative Ideas for Eye Catching Walls | Scottsdale Real Estate

Creative Ideas for Eye Catching Walls | Scottsdale Real Estate

Here you’ll find 10 creative ways to wake up your walls:

1.   Art on bulldog clips. Who needs frames? For a quick and easy solution, head to the office supply store and pick up a box of bulldog clips. Once you attach them to the wall, you can simply clip in the art and swap it out on a whim.

2.   Colorful mats. Love your artwork but want to give it a fresh look? Try swapping out the plain white mats for something colorful. Pale blue is classic and looks especially fresh in summer.

3.   Painted frames. If you want to fill up a wall on a tight budget and don’t mind a morning with a paint can, this could be right up your alley. Collect old frames at yard sales and paint them to match. Hung on the wall without glass here, they make a unique display for small 3D objects.

4.   Colorful plate display. Update the classic plate display by mixing in a few brightly colored pieces with traditional blue and white. Using different shapes, sizes and colors will make for a more dynamic display. Test out your arrangement on the floor and snap a picture of it before you start hanging.

5.   Mirror collection. Picture shelves can be used for more than pictures — why not use them for mirrors instead? A bunch of little mirrors can be much more affordable than one huge mirror, and they’ll look charming and personal.

6.   Floor tiles as art. There are some amazing floor tiles out there. Why not hang a few as art? Check a tile store or stone quarry, or hunt down some vintage tin ceiling tiles (they come in the most beautiful patterns).

7.   Vintage book illustration letters. Pick up some plain cardboard or papier-mâché letter forms at the craft store, and gather a stack of old children’s books — this is the perfect way to use a beautiful old book that is too damaged to read. Carefully trace around each letter onto a book page, then cut out the letter with a craft knife. Use spray adhesive or decoupage to attach the illustrations to the letter forms.

8.   “Invisible” book shelves. You can find these ready-made, or you can craft your own version using vintage books with interesting covers. The basic idea is to attach a bracket to a hardback book. When you stack other books on top of it, the shelf itself becomes part of the stack.

9.   Classroom maps. Old-fashioned pull-down classroom maps add a studious note to a room. Try one in the home office, study or dining room. Just don’t expect to use a vintage map as a teaching tool … they can be quite outdated!

10. Knot as art. Who would have thought an old, crusty rope could make an interesting piece of wall art? Consult a knot-making book to learn a fancy knot or just play around until you are pleased with the shape, and hang the result on your wall.

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Creative Ideas for Eye Catching Walls | Scottsdale Real Estate