Jeff Daley - Pentagon Sending BarricadesPentagon Sending Barricades – Here in Arizona and other border states the news reports that demonstrations are taking place advocating for those walking to the southern border unobstructed passage. Liberal politicians agree and some are proponents of no wall. Those that fail to have a medical examination prior to being released, or illegally enter the USA are doing so over the growing health concern over illegal immigrants bringing infectious diseases into the United States.

Approximately 500,000 legal immigrants and 80,000 refugees come to the United States each year, and an additional 700,000 illegal immigrants enter annually, and three-quarters of these illegal immigrants come from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Legal immigrants and refugees are required to have a medical examination for migration to the United States, while they are still overseas. This is the responsibility of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which provide instructions to the Panel Physicians who conduct the medical exams. The procedure consists of a physical examination, an evaluation (skin test/chest x-ray examination) for tuberculosis (TB), and a blood test for syphilis.

Requirements for vaccination are based on recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. In addition, Soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH) is a major concern as the people from that area are at high risk for neglected tropical diseases, including STH (mainly ascariasis, trichuriasis, and hookworm). Guatemala is known to have the highest rate of STH infections in Central America.

Pentagon Sending Barricades

U. S. Customs and Border Protection

Custom and Border Protection

Currently, our Custom and Border Protection agency (CBP) is seeing people from 75 other nationalities using Mexico to cross into the United States. Some that were caught and identified came from Syria, Albania, China, Pakistan, Egyptians, Yemen, and Somalia. Some of these people that were apprehended were affected by the Ebola virus. The numbers are not insignificant – Examining just one country details 1,443 people from China were apprehended while crossing the U.S. border so far this year, with an additional 1,803 people either turning themselves into U.S. authorities at official ports of entry, or being caught attempting to illegally enter at the ports of entry.


Open Borders

Will the advocates of open borders to the United States also welcome Zimbabwean people that have the distinction of having the highest rate of communicable diseases. Perhaps the big four of South Africa, where they have very high rates of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Hepatitis B, and Tuberculosis. The list goes on and on. We support much of these countries with aid, medicine, and medical practitioners.

The difference is not only what gets into our country and how it will affect our children when they enter our schools but the additional cost from both medical, educational, and living expenses. When the USA brought Afghanistan people for immigration and integration they were benefited with $30,000 dollars plus for expenses. Local communities were not notified of their entry into the community. The people that enter from our southern border cost the USA $750 per day (loaded cost).

Given the cost and risks associated with open borders, why would we not want to have structured immigration laws to include the current 1 million immigrants allowed each year?

We also have special considerations, example, an immigrant graduates from MIT in a field that is important to the USA can have a “pathway” to citizenship.

I am passionate about this topic because I believe immigration policies are part of protecting the citizens of the United States of America.

Data Sources: Pew, CDC, DOD, and News Reports

Pentagon Sending Barricades

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