Scottsdale’s SASSI Complimentary Dinner to the Veterans

Scottsdale's SASSI Complimentary Dinner to the Veterans

Scottsdale’s SASSI Complimentary Dinner to the Veterans

It has long been the tradition of SASSI in Scottsdale Arizona to sponsor a dinner for the war Veterans and to the member of the U.S military. This is a way of showing their appreciation and gratitude to the war veterans who risked their lives on the battlefield and endured the loneliness being away from their families in the name of freedom.

SASSI’s long time tradition to thank the men and women who have served in the US military continues Sunday November 11. Veterans are invited to enjoy a complimentary three-course dinner prepared by SASSI’s Executive Chef, Christopher Nicosia, in honor of National Veterans Day.

In addition to the non-alcoholic drinks, SASSI will provide three offerings from its menu which include Antipasti Sassi Chopped Salad, an entree where you can choose from between Chicken Marsala, Beef Short Ribs or Fettuccine and a dessert of Flourless Chocolate Cake. Such a big and tasty offering to our brave soldiers.

U.S Veterans and active duty military must provide proof of current and former military service (an identification card, an earning statement, or veteran’s organization card or by simply wearing the uniform) for the complimentary meal.

This is an exclusive offer for Veterans only, but family and friends are welcome to attend. The Veterans Day offer is valid from 4-8 pm.

To get more of the SASSI’s sumptuous meals, you can visit or call them for more information. To get more of what is happening in Scottsdale or if you want to relocate to Scottsdale Arizona, you can visit us and we, the Luxury Valley Homes team will be more than willing to assist you with your real estate needs.

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