Ten Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Look Great

Ten Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Look Great

Ten Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Look Great | Scottsdale Real Estate

Planning a small bedroom can be fun. With the right design tips and techniques, you can turn your snug room into a dreamy retreat. From clever storage solutions to multitasking furniture, these great ideas will breathe new life into your compact scheme.

  1. Stick to a limited color palette. If all white isn’t for you, bring in your favorite colors, but in a thoughtful way.
  2. Let the light in. Keep window treatments to a minimum in a small space to make the most of the natural light and keep the look unfussy. For privacy add plain roller blinds or hang flat panels of lace or voile.
  3. Maximize your storage space. A floor-to-ceiling fitted unit makes the most of every inch in this bedroom. It cleverly incorporates room to display treasures, shelves for books, drawers for more personal items, surfaces that act as bedside tables and reading lights. Talk about multitasking!
  4. Don’t be afraid to use windows. There’s no rule that says you can’t push furniture up to a window.
  5. Trick the eye with mirrors. Creating the illusion of space with mirrors is a classic trick that works every time. Perfect for smaller bedrooms, a mirrored wall will visually double the space.
  6. Have pieces made to measure. Having custom furniture made for your space can be a very worthwhile investment.  Having built-in drawers and wall-mounted bedside table and light maximize every inch of floor, and a classic transparent chair provides unobtrusive seating.
  7. Detract with a feature wall. In a narrow room, bring the far wall forward with fabulous wallpaper.
  8. Make your headboard work hard. Using a headboard for storage is a clever way to make the most of your space.
  9. Go for bold. As the saying goes, “If you can’t fight, wear a big hat.”  Bold accents distract the eye from the size of the room.
  10. Wow with white or soft neutrals. All white is a fail-safe space enhancer, but there are so many ways to do it. Soft neutrals add just the right amount of warmth, while minimal wall decorations can draw the eye to the window and the view beyond.

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Ten Tips Make a Small Bedroom Look Great