Love the Winter in Scottsdale, Arizona

Love the Winter in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is famous for its endless summer weather as the sun shines all year round. If you like hot weather, Scottsdale is a must place to visit and spend the holidays with. The weather in Scottsdale is sunny and hot or warm depending on the time of the year.

However, winter is here for sure.

Winter season is considered as Scottsdale’s peak season mainly because of two reasons: the warm temperature and the Scottsdale’s biggest events.

Now that the Holidays are almost over, have you started planning on how to spend the remainder of the winter season? Here are some ideas on how best to enjoy Scottsdale’s glorious winter.


  • Go Healthy – Scottsdale and neighboring cities has the most popular hiking trail and camping sites such as the Pinnacle Peak, Sonoran Desert and Camelback Mountain. And the city has several lifestyle shops that would accommodate your needs for outdoor activities. Gear Up specializes in quality outdoor gear for preparedness and outdoor gears. Orvis Travel will help you plan the luxury vacation of a lifetime to outdoor destinations in Scottsdale and worldwide using using extensive network of high-quality outfitters, lodges, and local travel specialists. If you are into Yoga, you can also take part of the fantastic 60 minute yoga classes in Dahn Yoga.


  • Develop a Hobby – Finding things that interest you have been always great at the start of the year. Well, you can always start on a new interest anytime of the year if you want to but let the wonderful weather and blue skies inspire you to a new endeavor. If you have an eye for details, why not learn photography. Photomart can be your first stop as they sell photographic supplies befitting for newbies and professional photographer. They also provide online photo finishing service and teach photo classes. If still unsure what your new hobby would be, let HobbyTown inspire you. Who knows, you might own your own hobby store someday.


  • Spend time with friends – If you don’t want to do anything for the remainder of the winter season, feel free to chill out and hang with friends you had fun spending your time with. Scottsdale is full of restaurants serving regional and international cuisines perfect for foodie enthusiast. How about going to Downtown Scottsdale for some unique winter find. Get ready and indulge in Scottsdale high-end fashion shopping spree. It also has some of the best nightclubs in the entire metropolitan Scottsdale, Phoenix area! In Scottsdale Fashion Square, Biltmore Fashion Park and Kierland Commons, you will be amazed at the wide selection of hard to find fashion collections.


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