No Man Left Behind Doesn’t Apply

While our homeless veterans are left behind, we are importing thousands of Afghans into the U.S. and turning our military bases into immigration camps. The Biden administration advised the military to prepare for 50,000 new immigrants.

Homeless Veterans – No Man Left Behind

Photo Credit – Samuel Braslow

The Impact

The cost of housing will run from $25K to $50K depending on housing and medical requirements. [DoD Chief of Staff]

On the southern border, we have had over 1.111 Million people ask for asylum and reports have shown the migration has not slowed. [CBP 08/03/2021} That surpasses the population of San Jose, CA.

There are claims that we have a moral obligation to refugees but should they not be vetted, cleared of COVID, and enter the country legally? Veterans say no man left behind.

What About our Homeless Veterans?

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My Reflections

My thought centers on how quickly housing, meals, and medical has been provided for over a million immigrants – For our homeless veterans – years have passed, and they are still waiting.

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