19 01, 2022

Vietnam Veterans Deaths Rising – Agent Orange

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Vietnam Veterans Vietnam Veterans have died by the thousands because of complications from exposure to the toxic herbicide Agent Orange since the war ended. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) "In Memory" program honors those veterans and others who died since returning home from the war but are not eligible for inscription on the [...]

7 09, 2021

No Man Left Behind Except Homeless Veterans

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No Man Left Behind Doesn't Apply While our homeless veterans are left behind, we are importing thousands of Afghans into the U.S. and turning our military bases into immigration camps. The Biden administration advised the military to prepare for 50,000 new immigrants. Photo Credit - Samuel Braslow The Impact The cost of [...]

27 01, 2020

Service Dogs Travelling by Air – Are they Really Service Dogs?

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Service Dogs Rules May Change Soon Service Dogs -  The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT or Department) has heard from the transportation industry, as well as individuals with disabilities, that the current ACAA regulation could be improved to ensure nondiscriminatory access for individuals with disabilities, while simultaneously preventing instances of fraud and ensuring consistency [...]

6 04, 2018

VA Loans – by the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC] | Luxury Valley Homes

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VA Loans by the Numbers VA Loans - Friday, April 6, 2018 Some Highlights: Since the creation of the VA Home Loans Program, 22 million veterans have been able to achieve the American Dream of homeownership. In 2017, $188 billion was loaned to veterans and their families through the program. VA Purchase Loans are on the [...]

17 11, 2017

Veterans Day Parade 2017 – Phoenix, Arizona | Luxury Valley Homes AZ

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Veterans day parade 2017 is being presented by the Honoring Arizona’s Veterans (HAV) organization that has presented the annual Phoenix Veterans Day Parade 2017 for its 21st year in a row. This year it was held on Saturday, Nov. 11. Television and film actress Loretta Swit appeared in the parade as the Celebrity Grand Marshal. Swit [...]

25 10, 2017

WWI Bonus Expeditionary Army: Remembering Military Using Arms Against Veterans

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WWI Bonus Expeditionary Army - Veteran's Day will soon be upon us. It's been said that the Active Duty Military would never take up arms against its brothers and sister veterans. It could never happen - But it did! The WWI Bonus Expeditionary Army was the popular name of an assemblage of some 43,000 marchers—17,000 [...]

9 03, 2017

Bonus Army WWWI Veterans Killed by General MacArthur, Major Patton in Washington D.C.

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Bonus Army WWWI  - The Bonus Army was the popular name for an assemblage of some 43,000 marchers—17,000 U.S. World War I veterans, their families, and affiliated groups—who gathered in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 1932 to demand cash-payment redemption of their service certificates. Bonus Army WWWI Organizers called the demonstrators the "Bonus Expeditionary [...]

10 06, 2016

Fort Morgan, Alabama | A US Army Historical Site That’s Worth a Visit

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Fort Morgan, Alabama is located on Mobile Point, at the end of Scenic Fort Morgan Peninsula, the site has a diverse number of activities to capture your interest and make this a memorable visit. Fort Morgan, Alabama Fort Morgan is a Third System masonry fort built between 1819 and 1833. Standing guard where [...]

25 05, 2016

Memorial Day 2016: Monday, May 30th-ScottsdaleRealEstate

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Memorial Day 2016: Monday, May 30th  - This weekend we reflect on all those who gave their lives in support of this great nation. Memorial Day 2016 is Different from Veterans Day A napalm strike erupts in a fireball near U.S. troops on patrol in South Vietnam, 1966 during the Vietnam War. (AP Photo) [...]

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