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Preparing for a Household Move | Scottsdale real estate Arizona has found it does not matter if you are moving within your neighborhood or across the country, it is typically one of the most stressful times in your life.  However, if you are organized with a plan, getting those involved in the move prepared ahead of time, and organizing all the services at both ends of a move, it will be less stressful.

Here are some tips that will make your move much better, for as good as a move can get:

Develop a moving file either on your computer or in a file folder or binder- centralizing information in one place is key to making your move a success.

  • Get bids from several moving companies or truck rental companies if you are doing the move yourself and ask friends or relatives for recommendations of companies they have used that they were happy with. A firm bid is the best as opposed to just getting an hourly rate for a moving companies services.
  • Create a timeline for the move, using a calendar on your computer or a paper calendar which highlights key dates for events and activities to occur
  • Go room by room and make a list of all items you will relocating to your new residence
  • Prepare a list of important phone numbers, if in fact they do not exist on your cell phone or computer

For best results, make one location in your current residence a place to keep boxes, packing materials such as scissors, cutting knife, labels, wrapping paper for breakables

Go through your residence several weeks or months ahead of time and get rid of items you do not need to move to your new residence. This is probably one of the most important tasks to do in preparation for a move!

Organize boxes as they are packed to ensure they show which room the box goes to in the new residence and if it box 1 of 5, box 2 of 5, etc. In the long run this will  be a great help to you to determine if any items or boxes go missing during your move.

Pack your valuables somewhere where you have an “eye” on them or they can be monitored by someone you trust during the move. Jewelry, financial records and documents, coin collections, etc. Do not label these items in the box they are packed in, other than to indicate they are handled with care and only to be moved by a person you designate if other than yourself.

Moving day essentials for your car:

  • Moving file
  • Moving supplies
  • Items needed such s medications, towels, bed linens, paper towels, soap and cleaning supplies and do not forget toilet paper.
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Snacks, paper plates, coffee maker, a few pots and pans
  • First Aid Kit
  • Pet supplies- make sure your pet has ID tag, include pet food, bowls, leashes, pet bedding
  • Kids travel bag with their pajamas, clothing and a favorite toy

Moving is an essential task we all face sooner or later and preparing ahead for it can make it easier and less stressful for all involved.

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Article: Preparing for a Household Move | Scottsdale Real Estate Arizona

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