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Sonoran Hotdog

Sonoran Hotdog in Phoenix Az

The harmonious fusion of the American-Mexican flare of the state of Arizona is due to the close proximity of the state to the country. The Mexican cuisine and good eats has been an American favorite for decades. The tortilla, burrito, tacos, the chimichanga, fajita, chili and the margarita are just some of the loved Mexican cuisine imports.

There’s an Arizona take on the Mexican dish that has been causing a buzz – the Sonoran-style or Estilo Sonora Hotdog. Over the past decade, hundreds of stores, food stalls and carts serve this American-Mexican flare in Phoenix, AZ.

The Sonoran Hotdog is not your typical hotdog with ketchup and mustard. It takes the expression “a little bit of everything” and does exactly that. The hotdog is wrapped in bacon, a heap of beans, grilled and fresh onions, tomatoes, mayonnaise, cream sauce, mustard and jalapeno salsa, some radishes, cucumbers, whole chilies and mushrooms, depends on your preference.

Take a bite into this “American take on a Mexican take of an American favorite.” Take a bite into Phoenix, Arizona.

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