Waiting until after the hectic holidays to sell your home? Think again

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Waiting until after the hectic holidays to sell your home? Think again. Did you know that buyers looking for a home during the holiday season are some of the most serious buyers all year? So, if you’re thinking of selling, don’t wait until spring to list your home for sale. Clean, clear-out, fix-up and prep your home like you’re hosting a big holiday party. Your home will shine online and be tour-ready when that right buyer walks through the front door. After all, emotion sells homes. Few homes for sale are more appealing than a warm and cheery holiday home. Give yourself the gift of a quick holiday home sale.

Tip #1: Contact us to learn how we make holiday home selling easy.

Tip #2: Decorate, but don’t go over the top. Consider putting out just half of your decorations while it’s for sale. You’ll have more home to show and many fewer items to put away when you’re busy packing to move!

Tip #3: Focus on the outside. Make sure that your outside still looks inviting even though it’s winter. Be sure the front walkway is clean, clear and inviting with seasonal holiday décor.

Tip #4: Turn up the heat. Don’t skimp on the temperature. Turn up the thermostat to make it cozy and inviting. During an open house (where fireplaces can be closely monitored) consider a fire in the fireplace or warmed cookies in the oven.

Tip #5: Price it right and be flexible and open to all offers. The key to a home sale any time of year is making sure your price is realistic and takes into account the competition. We can help you set the right price to sell!

Three Red Flags That Make Lenders Nervous

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Know About Lending Issues

You don’t want to give lenders any reason to doubt your ability to repay your mortgage loan. But not everyone is a perfect borrower. Just know there are three traits that make lenders especially nervous. And if you have any of them, you might struggle to qualify for a mortgage loan until you resolve them.

You have a low credit score: Lenders rely heavily on your three-digit credit score to determine if you are a risky borrower. If your FICO score is under 620-640, that’s a red flag for lenders. (FHA requires a minimum 580 FICO score to qualify for low 3.5% down payment.) Order a free copy of your credit score—you’re entitled to one each year from the national credit bureaus Equifax, Experian and TransUnion—from AnnualCreditReport.com. Determine why your score is so low and fix the problem, whether you need to start paying your bills on time or reduce your credit-card debt.

You don’t have a steady job: Lenders want to be assured you have enough money coming in each month to make your payment. If you don’t have a steady job, it can be difficult to convince lenders that you’re not a missed-payment-waiting-to-happen. Maybe you are self-employed. That’s fine. But if you don’t have at least two years of tax returns charting your self-employed income you’ll struggle to land a loan.

You’re missing important payments: This relates to having a low credit score, but if lenders see that you are not making important regular payments, such as your student loans or child-support or tax payments, they’ll be far less likely to work with you. Avoid these red flags if at all possible. Otherwise you’ll struggle to convince lenders that you’re financially mature enough to handle a mortgage payment.