Do you have plans to buy a new water heater, but the varied sizes in which are available leave you perplexed. There is something to be happy about as this situation is faced by a majority people. Besides fulfilling the requirement of having hot water, it should also be energy efficient.

Water Heater: What is Important to Know When Buying

Water Heaters

There are people who believe that wattage makes a difference to electricity consumption, but in reality it does not. Let us discuss some of the key factors that will help you in buying a right sized water heater –

What is Important to Know When Buying a Water Heater

Key Deciding Factors

  • Thermostat temperature is one of the key factors when you talk about water heaters. A default temperature is being set in these geysers. Some of the models also come with a facility to alter the temperature manually.
  • The temperature of the water heater for bathing purpose. Make sure that you are aware that it is not the as same as the thermostat setting.
  • The quantity of water usage is probably one of the important elements to decide because of the electricity consumption. The more hot water used, the more usage of electricity.
  • The water temperature of various inputs. Well, it’s understood that colder regions require extra heating as compared to the places with warmer regions.

Important Features

Some of the important features irrespective of the brand/manufacturer you are choosing. Key features that you should look for are:

  • Rust proof outer body
  • Adjustable thermostat settings.
  • Safety valve for pressure release.
  • Automatic thermal cut-out.
  • Glass coated heating element.

Long life & availability of spares

It is important that you purchase a branded water heater that is known for offering long life. In addition to this, the spare parts should also be readily available just in case any component undergoes any wear and tear. The standard life of a tankless water heater is estimated for 20 years and water heaters with a tank is estimated at a maximum of 12 years.

Energy Consumption

There is an organization, BEE which is responsible for offering ratings as per their energy consumption. If you are going for a brand that has 5 star rating then it is obvious that it consumes less electricity along with less heat loss making it an ideal product. You can see the star rating sticker on the front side of the water heater. All the water heaters having high star ratings come at a higher price, but at the same time they are more effective in saving considerable amount of electricity making return on investment a choice you may want to consider as part of your decision making process.


Warranties for the product is important. Make sure that you have checked the warranty card on the heating element and the tank at the time of purchase.

Keep these points in mind, and make a smart choice for a water heater.

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