Where to Get an Animal Companion: A New Place to Call Home

Where to Get an Animal Companion

Where to Get an Animal Companion

Numerous studies over the past 25 years have shown that humans can derive health benefits from their relationships with their animal companions. Animals can reduce human stress, improve cardiovascular health, decrease loneliness and depression, and facilitate social interaction.

With all the genuine loyalty and companionship our pet pals give us, indeed we do everything we can to reciprocate the same kind of love. Let’s work hand in hand in putting an end to animal cruelty, inhumane treatment, substandard conditions that most backyard breeders and animal mills (puppy and kitty farms) operate under.

Find a trustworthy licensed kennel and make sure that the US Department of Agriculture routinely inspect the kennels. Better yet, find the nearest Animal Shelter or Animal Rescue Centers near you.

There is an estimated 5,000 community animal shelters in the United States. Shelter intakes are either from those surrendered by their owners or picked up by animal control. Around 6 million companion animals enter animal shelter every year on average with about 3.5 million of them are euthanized.

However, about 62 percent of all households in the United States have a pet and about 20 to 30 percent of cats and dogs are adopted from shelters and rescues (Source: APPA). You’ll be surprised how animals can reciprocate the kindness you give by rescuing them.

There are numerous Animal Shelter and Animal Rescue Centers in and around Scottsdale, Arizona such as the Hooves & Paws Animal Rescue, Four Peaks Animal Rescue, Southwest German Shepherd Rescue, and Foothills Animal Rescue. These are no-kill rescue organizations dedicated to rescuing, adopting and attending to the special needs of abandoned, abused and unwanted animals.

There are so many means of taking part and helping out in the effort of raising awareness to humane treatment to animals, proper care and breeding of animals. Be informed and ask your local Animal Rescue Center how you can do your part.

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