Roosevelt Dam Gives Arizona Life

Theodore Roosevelt Dam

Theodore Roosevelt Dam

Here’s a fun fact for everyone. The Theodore Roosevelt Dam, located northeast of Phoenix, Arizona is 357 feet high and impounds the Salt River creating Theodore Roosevelt Lake. It is the first major reclamation project in the West. Before the dam was built, settlers would often leave during a drought season.

Since its completion in 1911, the dam has provided a reservoir of life-preserving water for central and southern Arizona and continues to play an integral role in Arizona’s growth. Without it, most of the area would be just an arid desert.

Much of the beauty of Arizona, its dynamic cities and luxury estates is a result of the storage and distribution of water, giving and preserving life in the area. The dam also serves as a source of energy for the area, generating 36 megawatts by way of a hydroelectric generator.

Take a historic tour of the Theodore Roosevelt Dam and explore this magnificent feat that is part of the making of what Central Arizona is now.

Did you know that the Valley of the Sun uses the natural Basin and Range basin-fill aquifers to store water underground that supplies groundwater to most of the population of Arizona? Look for more on this in another Luxury Valley Homes Team article.

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