Cheer On! Arizona’s Major Sports Team

Cheer On! Arizona’s Major Sports Team

Now that Spring is almost over and Summer is just around the corner, Arizona is once again flocked with various sports activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a participant or a spectator, Arizona, being a sports lovers paradise has something to offer for all the sports enthusiast. We have Arizona’s sunny weather to thank for. World-travelers, visitors and fans come to Arizona not just to experience vacation resorts, golf courses and other unique adventures but also to enjoy the sports activities Arizona has to offer.

Arizona is the home of some of the world’s most famous sports team. While Scottsdale has no team of its own, we never failed to show our support and cheer on! Arizona’s major sports team.

  • Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns is a professional basketball team based in Phoenix, Arizona. Since its humble beginning in 1968, the Phoenix Suns holds the NBA’s fourths-best all-time winning record. The Sun’s home arena is the US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix formerly known as America West Arena. Also often referred to as the “Purple Palace” because of its purple seats which also happens to be one of the Suns colors. Every game is worth it, the thrill, the excitement has always been entertaining.

  • Arizona Cardinals

An American football team founded in 1898 whose team facility is headquartered in Glendale, Arizona, the Cardinals is one of the continuously run American Football Club in the USA. In November of 2000, the voters of Maricopa County passed Proposition 302, the Tourism and Sports Initiative, to help fund a new stadium for the Cardinals, thus, the creation of air-conditioned and state-of-the-art University of Phoenix Stadium. Now, everybody can enjoy every single game even in the middle of a summer month, thanks to the fully air-conditioned stadium.

  • Phoenix Coyotes

Though Arizona is a hot country, we definitely got ice here! Arizona gained its first hockey team in 1996, when the Winnipeg Jets relocated to Phoenix to become Coyotes. In 2003, the team moved from the America West Arena to the newly opened Glendale Arena known as Arena. Howler, the coyote-suited mascot was introduced in October 15, 2005 has its own website dedicated to his Kids club. Howler wears number 96 on his jersey, because the Coyotes moved from Winnipeg in 2006.

  • Arizona Diamondbacks

The Arizona Drawbacks are the newest addition to Major League Baseball, joining the Western Division of the National League in 1998. They are also Arizona’s youngest professional sports team. The name “Diamondbacks” was chosen by a contest in which future fans submitted ideas. The Diamondbacks maybe a young club but it won division title in 2007, then took another one in 2011.

There’s always something to do in Arizona, be it in Scottsdale, Phoenix or Glendale, just take your pick, the sky is the limit. There are lots of great fun southwestern hospitality and sports awaiting for you, so come and cheer on! Arizona major sports team.

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