Memorial Day: Remember Our Fallen Soldiers 2014

Memorial Day: Remember Our Fallen Soldiers 2014

Remembering Our Fallen Soldiers on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is one of the most important holidays in the US. On this day, we once again commemorate and honor our country’s fallen soldiers. And as the day approaches, it is time to focus on the true meaning of this important holiday. We must remember all the soldiers who died serving and defending our country’s freedom, from all wars, popular or unpopular – from Europe to Vietnam to the Middle East and anywhere else. 

Many of the families usually take some time off from work and spend a little time reflecting and remembering our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day. Most every American has someone in their family who fought in a war. If they don’t, most likely they know someone who did. Nevertheless, it is not an excuse for not honoring our fallen soldiers.

While our brave soldiers risked their lives fighting for our country, they have also fought the pain and loneliness of being away from their beloved families. Their families were left behind without a husband or wife, a father or mother and without a son or daughter. As opposed from previous Memorial Day celebration which honor the casualties of the American Civil War, today, the entire country celebrates this event to honor all the Americans who have died while taking part in any war where the military of the United States of America fought.

As you walk the Arizona National Cemetery you will see veterans that gave all to include those awarded the Medal of Honor

US Senator John McCain

US Senator John McCain and Jeff Daley – Memorial Day Ceremonies at AZ National Cemetery in Phoenix.

People usually visit memorials and cemeteries in observance of this special day. Every Memorial Day at 3 p.m., the whole country holds a national moment of remembrance. The flags are set at half staff until noon, whereas flowers and flags are offered at the cemeteries to remember the bravery and heroism of our fallen soldiers.

In Scottsdale, there are various significant and fun events that will take place in remembering our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day.

  • Phoenix will commemorate Memorial Day: May 26, 2014 on Monday beginning at 8:00 AM at the Arizona National Cemetery located at 23029 N. Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ 85024. Locate it on the MAP

State officials and all military organizations will be represented to pay their respects to our fallen brothers and sisters.

On Memorial Day, before we head out to remember those who have fallen in the service of our country let us not forget the true meaning of the holiday. Let us all give a moment of silence to honor and offer a prayer reflecting, and remembering our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is a holiday that should be appreciated by everyone, but I can not fault those who do not pay the  significance or the attention it deserves. This is because Memorial Day is only truly felt by the military community; our emotions are authentic and personal, and are difficult to sufficiently explain to someone outside the military space. It’s just not possible for them to relive experiences they’ve never had or reflect on things their eyes have never seen. As veterans, we can not fault them for that.

As I reflect on this Memorial Day, I wish all veterans and their families well. Especially those who are wearing the military uniform right now. As for those who I served with, those that I served with that gave all, and those that I lost touch with over the years, my heart hopes they have found their way forward regardless of the path they have chosen. It’s my greatest wish that on the 26th, their families and friends will give them an extra long hug, an extra long phone call, and an extra firm handshake of thanks!

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