Home theater have changed over the years. At its core, it includes a high-definition TV, video and stereo equipment, and surround sound. With the nuance of new technology, it can also sync with the internet to get immediate access to favorite TV shows, and movies at the touch of a button. The cost of a home theater varies considerably depending on the components you decide to install. Price ranges for a home theater setup fluctuate with the combination of components to buy, but there are similarities to consider when deciding whether to install a system.



Whether you’re looking for a huge-screen rear-projection TV or a sleek flat panel, you will need the right one to define the quality of your home theater.

Home TheaterWhen choosing your TV, consider the display type, screen size and resolution. Flat-panel displays are by far the most popular, but often affordable choices will come down to LCD or plasma. LCD displays are less expensive, generally thinner, lighter, energy-efficient, and available in a range of sizes. They are also brighter, an advantage for daytime watching. Plasma displays offer smoother motion, particularly for sports, with a wider viewing angle and “sweet spot”. You might also consider a front projector if you have a big-enough room and budget. A front projector provides the biggest and best picture, but it is best suited for a large room you can make nearly pitch black.

Surround Sound

Home Theater LuxurySurround sound means that you have a speaker in virtually every corner of the room, projecting high-quality digital sound at you from all angles like in a theater. It also means you can hear the deep, thunderous bass rumbling the floorboards as an explosion happens on screen and subtle sound effects skittering and tapping behind you in a suspenseful scene. Surround sound adds authenticity because it puts you inside the action of the picture or onstage with the band if listening to music. 5.1 surround sound is standard with 7.1 being the latest and greatest.

Finish the Space

What else will you need to make your theater complete? A couch is fine for some, but others may want to build in specialty cinema seating. You may also want to add a refrigerator, popcorn machine, movie storage, pool table, and other pieces to complete the home theater room. Create a second kitchen with countertops, cabinets and cooking area so you don’t have to go upstairs to eat. Also consider soundproofing the walls or using acoustic tiling so as not to disturb the rest of the household.

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