Art Walking Tour Scottsdale Arizona

New York isn’t the only city in this great nation that embraces the artistic side of its locals and residents. A new and up and coming artist’s hub is flourishing in the city of Scottsdale Arizona. The city prides itself in its eclectic art, whether it be contemporary, classical, neo-classical, native American-inspired, indigenous – you name it.

A public art walking tour is available for all in downtown Scottsdale. Be inspired with the many public pieces of art scattered all over the city that holds a rich history. Here are some of the exhibits that await you on your Scottsdale Art Walking Tour.

  • Passing the Legacy Scottsdale AZ

    Passing the Legacy

    “Passing the Legacy” encapsulates the meeting of the Old West and the New West. Seen along Scottsdale Waterfront Pedestrian & Trolley Bridge is this life-size bronze piece by Herb Mignery.


  • Located along Scottsdale Waterfront, “The Doors” by Donald Lipski stands a monumental 28 feet tall with mirrored panels inside to capture what it is like to be inside a kaleidoscope.
Bronze Horse Fountain Scottsdale AZ

Bronze Horse Fountain


  • One of the most photographed landmarks in Scottsdale, the “Bronze Horse Fountain” by Bob Parks showcases 5 Arabian horses springing forth from the fountain. The piece is found in the intersection of 5th Avenue and Marshall Way.



  • Another most photographed landmarks in Scottsdale is the “Jack Knife” by Ed Mell. The giant bronze piece is modeled after the city’s official seal. It features a cowboy bucked up to a bronco in the intersection Marshall Way and Main Street.
The Yearlings Scottsdale AZ

The Yearlings


  • Made by George-Anne Tognoni, “The Yearlings” depicts three bronze yearlings galloping and since become an icon of free spirit in the West. Witness the iconic monument in the Scottsdale Civic Center.




  • A take on contemporary art, “Knight Rise” by James Turrell is one of only 3 skyspaces open to the public in the US. Turrell says it provides the opportunity to “look at our own looking.” At sunrise or sunset, viewers experience the sensation of the descending sky. Knight Rise is located within a custom-designed chamber by architect Will Bruder at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.

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